first aid

If the worst case szenario has happend to you, call us as quickly as possible +49 (0) 30-220125 10 or fill in the contact form. Our service is fast, safe and confrtable to recover all your data.


1. shut down the system

Please shut down the system immediately especially when the medium ticktacks or smells unnatural.

2. avoid switching operations

Dont turn on and off your computer. This may have more errors as consequence.

3. dont start up

Dont plug in broken external volumes. A stronger damage can be the consequence.

4. be carefully by self recovery

Please be carefuly by trying out Data-Recovery software. Such apps must not be installed on defect media!

5. dont open the media

Dont open hard disk drives - only in a dust free enviroment is it possible to open and repair hard disks.

6. carfully parcel

Be carefuly by parceling to reduce the chance of further damage!

It is necessary to have the volume in one of our labs - so please use our form for shipping.

Emergency Call +49 (0) 30-220125 10

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